How to Make your Character

Your character can be from any setting you wish. If you are having a hard time deciding, just go either scifi or fantasy.

First, choose a name. This can be whatever you wish.

Second, put human in your race information. You may be able to convince me to make you an elf or mutant or whatever, but human is the default.

Third, choose your class. You can have one or two classes. If you have two classes all your experience gains are cut in half, so you will level up half as fast. However, every five levels you will gain a larger number of skills.

  • Arcanists command magic of some kind or another. The spell lists will vary from setting to setting.
  • Believers are more than just monks, priests, pastors, or crusaders. They believe in God and trust that He will guide them.
  • Burglars are not necessarily nasty thieves, but people that are good at sneaking, hiding, and, well, stealing.
  • Fighters always have the upper hand in a classic, hands-down slugfest, with lots of bashing and smashing involved.
  • Rangers are specialists with ranged weapons, such as guns, bows, and throwing weapons.
  • Survivalists have the knowledge and skills that they need to survive in any extreme circumstance.
  • Scholars are found everywhere, from dusty libraries to secret laboratories to academies.
  • Pilots, depending on the setting, can be animal riders, machine operators, or vehicle riders.
  •  Medics are always on hand when someone gets wounded. You get hurt, and they can fix you up.
  • Melee is a class that is proficient in clubbing, stabbing, and slicing weapons.
  • Tradesmen actually know something USEFUL for a law-abiding, everyday person. Carpentry, smithing, electricianing, you name it.
  • Musicians are, quite simply, masters of not only music but riddles and stories as well.
  •  Performers may be just that, a traveling acrobat or a famous gymnast, or possibly serving as a distraction so the rest of the party can escape.

Your statistic (stat) points come next. You automatically get 15 points in each category, and get an extra 10 points to distribute how you like. You can also take up to 5 points from each stat and distribute it to another stat in you wish. You will notice each stat on your sheet is in this format:

Strength (Str): _____ + _____ – _____ =

The first space is for your actual stat. If your base Strength stat was 20, this would become:

Strength (Str): 20 + _____ – _____ = 20

The second and third spaces are for bonuses you recieve from attributes or other effects. For example, you might have an attribute which gives you an extra 5 strength but a sickness which gives a -3 strength penalty, this would become:

Strength (Str): 20 + 5 – 3 = 22

It’s that easy!

  • Strength(Str): Strength, basically, shows how much you can lift or push. Higher strength allows you to hit harder, jump higher, and lift more.
  • Endurance(End): This measures your hardiness, ability to resist diseases, and natural defenses. If you have higher endurance, then you can block better and have a better chance to resist diseases and poisons.
  • Dexterity(Dxt): Dexterity is a measure of how nimble your fingers are and how agile and quick you are. If you have higher dexterity, you can repair complicated equipment better, cast some magic better, dodge more easily, and run faster.
  • Intelligence(Int): Intelligence, simply, is how smart you are. You will be able to remember more spells, cast magic more quickly, learn more languages, and win solve more puzzles if your intelligence is higher. This also directly affects any psionic powers you may have.
  • Wisdom(Wis): Wisdom most directly affects your Will. This means that you will have a stronger mind that can resist probing, mind control, mental poisons, and more if you have a high Wisdom score. This also affects how much Special Damage you can mitigate.
  • Charisma(Chr): Charisma is a combination of how good looking you are and how naturally people are drawn to you. High charisma greatly increases the chances of making a good first impression on someone.

Your physical description is pretty basic. Just put in your character’s hair color/style, eye color, gender, his age, weight, and height, and whether he is right or left handed. (complicated actions with his off hand get a penalty)

Now you choose some attributes. You get 50 attribute points to start out with and you don’t need to use them all at once. At any time you can add an attribute to your list and subtract the required amount of points.

  • Acute Sense (5 pts): Choose Hearing, Taste/Smell, Touch, or Sight. (you can get this multiple times to enhance all your senses) All Sense Checks with the corresponding Acute Sense get +1, or +2 in a situation that you are aware is life threatening.
  • Ambidexterity (15 pts): You have no off-hand, and so suffer no penalties for using the off-hand. +5 to all two-handed actions.
  • Animal Affinity (10 pts): Animals are calmed by you. +5 to all animal interaction rolls, including mounted actions. (You must be mounted on an animal)
  • Believer’s Luck (25 pts): You believe in God. You get +5 to any roll of your choice, three times per game chapter. They do not stack; use it or lose it.
  • Charming (30 pts): Add 5 to your Charisma.
  • Combat Reflexes (15 pts): +1 to all defensive combat rolls.
  • Daredevil (10 pts): You love to show off and do crazy stunts. You must take opportunities to show off when you can, but get +4 to all those rolls (+8 if it is a life-threatening situation).
  • Durable (30 pts): Add 5 to your Endurance.
  • Enhanced Defense (5 pts): Choose either Block, Dodge, or Parry. (you can get this multiple times to enhance all your defenses) All Active Defense Checks with the corresponding Enhanced Defense get +2, or +5 in a situation that will mean the difference between life and death. This does NOT mean life threatening, but more like if you are at your last few HP.
  • Enhanced Offenses (5 pts): Choose either stab, slash, or crush. (you can get this multiple times to enhance all your offenses) All Attack Checks with the corresponding Enhanced Offense get +2, or +5 when the target is Vulnerable.
  • Gambler (20 pts): You may re-roll up to twice in any roll involving gambling. When you roll a critical (success AND failure) you must roll again. If you get an odd number, it counts as a normal roll. If you get an even number, the critical effect is doubled in severity.
  • High Pain Threshold (20 pts): +20 to your End rolls when they involve resisting physical torture or pain. Also, you cannot get the Status: Shocked.
  • Lucky (50 pts): You may take 50 as your result for any percentile roll, three times every game chapter. You may stack these.
  • Nimble (30 pts): Add 5 to your Dexterity.
  • Smart (30 pts): Add 5 to your Intelligence.
  • Strong (30 pts): Add 5 to your Strength.
  • Ultimate Senses (20 pts): Choose Hearing, Taste/Smell, Touch, or Sight. (you can get this multiple times to get all four Ultimate Senses) All dice results for Sense Checks count as 50 for the corresponding sense.
  • Underworld Connections (20 pts): Your character knows some illegal people. +5 to all rolls involving criminal activity.
  • Veteran (20 pts): You must be at least twice your race’s childhood age. Once per hour, you may take ten as your result for any in-combat roll. They do not stack; use it or lose it. +10 to all in-combat rolls against whatever you fought in the war.
  • Wise (30 pts): Add 5 to your Wisdom.

You will notice there is an area for skills. You will be given these as you level up. Now the only thing left is to write a short bit of information about your character’s history. Things like his personality and major events in his life. Depending on this section you will be given a few starting items.


Progressing Your Character

At the end of each chapter of the game, you will be given a certain amount of Character Points. You can convert the CP to the following:

  • 50 CP = 1 Statistic Point
  • 10 CP = $1 (or equivalent)
  • 10 CP = 1 Attribute Points
  • 2 CP = 1 Experience Point

Every five levels you may choose a class to rank up.

  1. Taylor, how does my character use Believer’s Luck?

  2. How many experience points per level?

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